General questions
Your customization will take approximately one week to complete. If you need your customization sooner, select the from the two Rush Customization options.
The "" VoiceOvers will not be in your purchased mix.
Yes, you can always purchase your mix without the customization. When your choreography is complete, contact us to customize your routine. Email us when ready and we will get the customization started.
On the download page there is a button to email the mix to yourself.
Yes, but iPhones will not allow you to save the mix onto your phone. You will have to download it using a computer.
For the legal safety of our customers, DanceSounds's mixes use audio reproductions of your favorite songs. Due to copyright law, it is illegal for any cheerleading team, athlete, coach, school, gym or individual to modify/copy/sell/distribute the *original recordings* without written consent from the song's record label, which has never been granted to any cheerleading entity. Unlike other cheer music websites, DanceSounds does not believe in distributing contraband to our customers. All audio content used in our mixes is created and owned by DanceSounds, therefore no record companies are involved. We allow our customers to use our music for team practice and performances, without worrying about legal pentalties.
No Problem, just leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Likewise, you can always email us at
If you have an odd pronunciation for a team name or other voice over please contact us about how we should pronounce the name.
Click the Play button next to the VoiceOver options to hear samples of each package.
There are prompts on the Form to help you. In terms of a cheer or phrase, think about the age, personality, intensity, and theme (if any) of your team and/ or routine. If you prefer to have a short phrase rather than team colors or mascot, your phrase should be four counts or less.
We will customize the mix to your specification. If a field is left blank, we assume you want it that way.
If you purchased a customization, you will not be able to download the customized mix immediately. However, the original, non-customized version will be available for download. If you are having trouble downloading your mix, send us an email at and we will help you access your download.
When you choose the Song Swap Option for customization, the length of the new song will be the same length as the song you want to omit.
We cannot offer customized placements of the individual sound effects on our premade mixes.
Yes, of course we do. We will finish the first part of your mix, and add an intro to the second. We want your music to sound the best it can. Your mix will be delivered as two MP3s. If you need the file delivered as one MP3, please let us know.