DanceSounds: AllStar Dance Music Is Back

Online Store Opening: May 7th 2018!!!

We're giving dance teams all of our music talents.

DanceSounds is a team of music producers selected by Carmine Silano to create music under the supervision of Erika Rios. The goal of DanceSounds is to give dance coaches the music and tools they need to build creative, unique, licensed dance mixes.

Forget about part-time cheer coaches cutting up iTunes songs and calling it a dance mix. We're here to set things straight and put the mix back into the hands of the coaches!

Our drag-and-drop platform allows coaches to arrange songs, sound effects and voice overs into a mix that will inspire their choreography and performance. ALL of our music clips can be previewed before purchase, even the dance mixes that you create on the site. Yes - hear the entire mix you built before buying anything!

Here's The Scoop.

We felt the pain of dance coaches after the music rules started being enforced. They felt like they had their hands tied... crappy fitness songs being jammed into dance mixes; no good sound effects; no good voice overs. Themes were dead, choreography suffered.

I became tired of listening to distorted, poorly-edited dance music that "preferred music providers" were slapping together. The music was not matching the caliber of performance happening on stage. It's time that dance music not only went back to where it's time to make it what it was supposed to be - to rival other stage performances and productions.

No more fitness crap. This is DANCE! We have the experience, we have the resources, and we have the music. Now, our job is to give it all to you and inspire your choreography.

There's the whole copyright compliance thing, too, but we won't bore you with those details. Yes, we're USA Cheer Compliant.

Create a mix.

Anyone can build a dance mix with 8CountMixer. Drag-and-drop songs, sound effects and voice overs onto an 8-count sheet, and press play to hear it instantly!

Coming Soon!

Download a mix.

Browse our budget-friendly library of dance mixes and download your favorite instantly! These mixes can also be customized with voice overs.

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Order a Custom mix.

Let us create something specific for your team with our 10 vocalists and multiple producers. And it's always delivered on time!

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